Peter Brandt has probably been the one person who has had the single biggest impact on my trading career more than any other person.

I bought Peter’s book Diary of a Professional Commodity Trader: Lessons from 21 Weeks of Real Trading a few years ago.

I read through it and thought to myself, this is “old school,” to much sitting around and waiting. “I’m sure this guy trades but my goals are different, I need to make money trading today!”

Podcast: The Penny Drops

Just over a year ago I listened to a podcast on Aaron Fifield’s Chat With Traders. Hearing Peter Brandt talk about his trading, his experiences in the markets, the highs and the lows and everything in between.

His simplistic no BS explanation of what trading is, risk management and looking for geometric asymmetrical risk reward opportunities really impacted me.

Oh yes, one other thing, Peter and I share another passion, we both come from ice hockey backgrounds and love the game!

Peter Brandt

Peter has been a full time professional commodity and foreign exchange trader for over thirty years. Peter also publishes a highly regarded newsletter called The Factor to which I am a subscriber.

Peter Brandt has achieved a lofty average annual rate of return of 68 percent during his career. (This may have varied since.)


There were things that Peter kept repeating about Schabacker’s book and classical charting that seemed to click with me.

The biggest lessons I’ve learnt from Peter are risk management, or preservation of your trading capital, and being patient to wait for markets to offer geometric patterns that offer asymmetrical risk reward trading possibilities.

Peter Brandt Twitter Post

Peter Brandt’s Books

Peter Brandt’s books are written in a straight forward, practical manner, that traders can benefit from and immediately apply to their own trading.

He methodically explains how, if an individual is dedicated to mastering their trading craft, can trade for a living.

These books are great reading for anyone who is serious and wants to know what trading is really like.

Insights, observations and his practical approach to the markets after nearly four decades of trading the markets is what Peter shares in his books.

“Many novice pedestrian traders focus on the next position. Consistently successful traders focus on the process and care little about the outcome of the next trade. The distinction is enormous.” Peter Brandt

Peter Brandt’s books are worth their weight in gold. Great reads for beginning or advanced traders. The professional insights that Peter shares can help traders at any level improve their trading.

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